Armadale [1st]

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Armadale [1st] (1862-1956)

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Opened on the New Monkland Line (Monkland Railways).
Opened on the Boghead to Cowdenhead Branch (Monkland Railways).


This station was located to the west of the overbridge. The line was original single track. To the east of the bridge was a passing loop on the line when it first opened. The present Armadale station has opened on the site of the loop.

The location was briefly (1855 to 1860) a terminus of the goods line before it was extended west. It was then known as Cowdenhead.

The line west to Woodend Junction was single track, as was the line east to Boghead Junction and Polkemmet Junction.

The original single platform was on the south side of the line.

The line was doubled in both directions in 1904 and a new signal box opened, this was at the west end of the station on the south side of the line at the point the goods yard joined the line.

This was station was enlarged with two much longer platforms when the line west to Woodend Junction was doubled. The station building was two storey. There was a goods yard on the south side of the line, approached from the west. A long siding on the south side of the yard was connected via a tramway to Cappers Pit No 1.

Following closure of the station in 1956 the platforms were removed. The box closed in 1966. The line closed in 1981. The site, with the exception of the goods yard, now used by a haulage company, was cleared for re-opening in 2010. The new Armadale station opened to the east.

The next station to the west was Westcraigs and to the east was Bathgate Upper. The nearest stations are now Armadale and to the west Blackridge and to the east Bathgate.





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