Belfast Great Victori

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Names and dates

Belfast [Glengall Place] (1839-1854)
Belfast Victoria Street (1854-1856)
Belfast Great Victoria Street (1856-1976)
Belfast Great Victori (1976-)

Opened on the Ulster Railway.

Note: text in square brackets is added for clarity and was not part of the location's name.


  /  /1854Ulster Railway
Belfast [Glengall Place] renamed Belfast Victoria Street.
  /  /1856Ulster Railway
Belfast Victoria Street renamed Belfast Great Victoria Street.
  /  /1911Ulster Railway
Adelaide Shed opened, replacing the older shed at Belfast Great Victoria Street, alongside Adelaide Marshalling Yard. The older shed^s site allowed expansion of Grosvenor Road Goods.
26/04/1976Ulster Railway
Belfast Great Victoria Street closed, replaced by Belfast Central.
26/04/1976Belfast Central Railway
Portadown trains diverted to Belfast Central from Belfast Great Victoria Street.
30/09/1995Ulster Railway
Belfast Great Victoria Street re-opened. A new north to east curve connected the station to the Belfast Central Railway.