Bellahouston No 2 Junction

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Bellahouston No 2 Junction (1885-)

Opened on the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This junction was west of Bellahouston No 2 Junction. The junction opened with the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway). It was a four way junction.

To the west lines ran to, from north to south:

- Bellahouston Carriage Sidings (bounded by the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway to the north)
- Bellahouston Mineral Depot
- the Paisley Canal line

To the east the lines were:

- to Bellahouston No 1 Junction (to meet the General Terminus line)
- to Shields, meeting the City of Glasgow Union Railway also at Bellahouston No 1 Junction

The signal box was replaced in 1895. It was located within the mineral depot sidings. At this time additional lines to Bellahouston Cleaning Shed (on the north side of the Paisley Canal line) and on the south side of Bellahouston [2nd] were laid in.

This being an exchange point between the Caledonian Railway and Glasgow and South Western Railway systems there were exchange sidings here.

The box closed in 1966 when the route east through Shields to Glasgow St Enoch closed. An entirely new route connecting the Paisley Canal line to the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway at Shields No 1 Junction opened. Glasgow Central Power Box took over the signalling. Shields Road Depot opened to the east on the course of the former line to Shields.