Bridgeton [1st]

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Bridgeton [1st] (1879-1895)

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Opened on the Dalmarnock Branch Extension (Caledonian Railway).


This station was at a high level on a viaduct above street level. The line opened in 1877 and in 1879 a passenger service started with stations at Bridgeton and London Road [Glasgow] being served. The line was an extension of the original Dalmarnock Branch and Dalmarnock Junction was upgraded for the additional traffic.

A temporary station called Strathclyde Road may have opened just to the south, before the line opened completely.

The station office was at ground level on Baltic lane. Stairways up to the platforms served the south end of the station. The northbound platform had a shelter about half way along, that on the southbound was above Baltic Street.

The station was not far from William Arrol^s Dalmarnock Iron Works, to the west.

To the south east was Bridgeton Goods, the terminus of the original Dalmarnock Branch. It was never a passenger station.

The station closed with the opening of Bridgeton Cross [CR] and Dalmarnock, just to the west and below ground level, on the Glasgow Central Railway.

Portions of platform remained long after the closure in 1895 and the line remained open until the late 1980s. The site was cleared for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games .

It was also known as Dalmarnock High Level.




Dalmarnock High Level

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