Broxburn [1st]

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Broxburn [1st] (1843-1844)
Broxburn [1st] (1848-1849)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

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This was a short lived station. It opened not long after the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway but was too distant from Broxburn itself and closed shortly afterwards.

Broxburn was two miles away by road to the west.

A second attempt was made in 1848 but with the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway opening in 1849 with a slightly better located station (Broxburn [2nd, just under a mile from Broxburn) it closed again, this time for good. This would also have removed a halt from the line, which would have led to delays to expresses and a pause for local trains.

The station was at Broxburn Junction, probably close to the site of the later goods yard (just to the south of the junction). To the west was the Union Canal.




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