Canal Junction [Inverness]

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Canal Junction [Inverness] (1877-1969)

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Where: Highland
Opened on the Inverness and Ross-shire Railway.
Opened on the Muirtown Basin Branch (Highland Railway).


This junction was east of the Clachnaharry Swing Bridge and west of the Ness Viaduct. It was the start of the short branch south to Muirtown Basin. Both the main line and branch were single track. A signal box was present from opening in 1877. This was replaced with a ground frame before closure. Closure was either in 1969 or 1970.

In the Great War a mines depot, US Naval Base 18, was laid out close to the junction. This was reached by reversal from the branch.

In the Second World War some of the same site was re-used for MOW Carse Sidings.

After the war a refuse tip siding was laid in, the marshy land to the east of the curve being filled in.

The embankment formation of the former branch is intact for much of its length, curving round the Merkinch Industrial Estate.


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