Carlisle London Road

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Carlisle [London Road] (1836-1844)
Carlisle London Road (1844-1862)

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Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway.


This was the passenger terminus of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, the first station in Carlisle. The station was on the east side of London road and sidestepped, on its south side, by the 1837 branch to the Carlisle and Port Carlisle Canal.

The station building, used as a goods shed since 1862, still stands.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
NLS Collection OS map of 1944-67


  /  /1846Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Line opened. In Carlisle the line joins the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway at London Road Junction [Carlisle]. The N&C's passenger terminus, Carlisle London Road, could be reached by reversal.


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