Clyde Iron Works Signal Box [1st]

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Clyde Iron Works Signal Box [1st]

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Opened on the Clyde Iron Works Railways.
Opened on the Rutherglen and Coatbridge Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This signal box was just to the east of Clydebridge Viaduct on the south side of the line. It controlled the point of entry into the Clyde Iron Works (dating from 1786) from the Rutherglen and Coatbridge Branch (Caledonian Railway) (the 1868 (Lanarkshire and Midlothian Branches railway number 8 - Clyde Iron Works).. This replaced earlier connections to the Clydesdale Junction Railway. (The west curve was closed immediately, the first portion over the Clyde Bridge retained to reach a tip on the west side of the Clyde. The east curve closed somewhat later and was partially retained as a works line later serving the Clyde Iron Works Slag Plant.)

Access was from the east. There was an exchange yard on a curve running first west from the junction and curving round to the north to run parallel to the River Clyde. This line continued to curve to the east and pass the blast furnaces. Access to these was by reversal. Private lines Clyde Iron Works Railways ran on to serve various coal pits.

The signal box was replaced in 1897 when a second entry to the works opened. See Clyde Iron Works Signal Box [2nd].


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