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Corkerhill [Private] (1896-1926)
Corkerhill (1926-1983)
Corkerhill (1990-)

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Station code: CKH National Rail
Opened on the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).
Open on the Paisley Canal Line.


This is a two platform station, but only one platform is in use. It was initially a private station opening in 1896 for the nearby Corkerhill Shed, formerly a steam shed, just to the east. It became public in 1926.

Access to the shed from the west was controlled by Corkerhill No 2 Signal Box which was on the south side of the line directly west of the station.

The station closed in 1983 along with other stations on the Paisley Canal Line. Corkerhill No 2 closed and the line was singled, the westbound line being lifted west of the station. The line was slewed further west towards Mosspark, the westbound line being retained.

The station re-opened in 1990 but with only one platform - the other platform serves a turnback siding from the nearby Corkerhill Depot.



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