Dalgarven Signal Box

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Dalgarven Signal Box (1889-1968)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.


This signal box was located just north of the viaduct over the River Garnock, not far north of Kilwinning and south of Dalry Junction. It was on the east side of the line.

The box opened in 1889, before line and viaduct were prepared for quadrupling, when the line was still double track.

Although prepared for four tracks from Dalry Junction to Kilwinning, to the south the lines were the southbound slow, fast and northbound fast, the northbound slow not being laid. To the north there were only two tracks, the prepared ground for the two tracks on the west side not being used.

The box closed in 1968.

The railway remains open as a modern electrified double track line.


The signal box name plate is preserved at Dalgarven Mill .


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