Dalry Junction

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Dalry Junction (1843-1973)


This junction was south of Dalry station it was the divide between the Glasgow routes to Ayr (1840) and Kilmarnock (1843).

Dalry Junction [Station] existed briefly in the 'V' of the junction (1850-1859).

Signal boxes opened here. Dalry Junction No 1 signal box was just north of the junction and on the west side of the line. Dalry Junction No 2 signal box was to the south in the 'V' of the junction, slightly closer to the Ayr tracks. This box may have controlled both lines to the south of the junction.

A turntable was built on the west side of the junction, approached from the north. Dalry Junction Turntable.

On the east side was a reversing spur for a mineral line which ran north east to Stoopshill Mine and Blair Colliery Pit No 9.

Both boxes were replaced in 1906 when the railway north to Brownhill Junction was quadrupled, north from there the new Kilbarchan loop duplicated the existing main line creating effectively a quadruple line from Glasgow to Dalry Junction.

The boxes were replaced with Dalry No 3 signal box. This was just to the south of the former no 1 box and also on the west side of the line.

The trackbed south of Dalry Junction to Kilwinning was prepared for four tracks. This was not completely implemented. Three tracks were laid from Dalgarven Signal Box to Kilwinning (the slow southbound line on the east side was a new addition - the slow northbound line was not laid).

The junction closed in 1973 when the line to Kilmarnock closed. The signal box closed.

The Glasgow to Ayr route remains open as a double track electrified railway.




  /  /1889Caledonian Railway
Authorisation to widen lines from Dalry Junction to Edinburgh Princes Street.
  /  /1890Caledonian Railway
Caledonian Railway trains for the north now use Edinburgh Princes Street and the Dalry Junction to Haymarket West Junction link. The Caledonian Railway booking office at Edinburgh Waverley closes on 30/09/1890.
02/03/1964Dalry Road Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Edinburgh; Haymarket West Junction to Dalry Junction closed to passengers.
09/03/1964Dalry Road Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Coltbridge Junction to Dalry Middle Junction to Dalry Junction closed to freight.