Dunston Staiths

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Dunston Staiths (1893-1980)

Opened on the Piers, Slips and Staiths.
Opened on the Dunston Staiths Branch (North Eastern Railway).


This is an impressive large timber structure. These rail served staiths, on the south bank of the River Tyne and west of Gateshead, were opened by the North Eastern Railway in 1893 along with a marshalling yard to the south and line south east to Low Fell Junction. Coal was loaded onto vessels from wagons on the staiths above. The staiths, a significant portion of which survive, were two large joined elevated trestle structures built in timber. The northern survives almost intact.

The approaches, at the western end, were two parallel elevated curves with the joined staiths running parallel to the river bank to the east, practically enclosing a tidal basin. There were loading points on both north and south sides of the combined structure. The River Team joins the River Tyne to the immediate west.

The southern approach crossed above the course of the (slightly realigned) Newcastle and Carlisle Railway's approach to Redheugh (Gateshead) terminus from the west.

The Dunston Branch (North Eastern Railway) made a connection to the Dunston Staiths mineral line at Norwood Junction [NER] in 1904 (to the west) and 1907 (to the east).

The staiths fell out of use around (or earlier than) 1980 with the short line to Norwood Junction [NER] serving the site closing completely in that year.

The southern structure has been cut back in height and length but the northern remains full height. Fire damage to the northern part in 2003 has destroyed a portion of the east end.

Today the staiths are preserved and supported by the
Friends of Dunston Staiths


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