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Redheugh (1837-1853)

Opened on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway.


This was the eastern terminus of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway in Gateshead, on the south bank of the River Tyne by a quayside. The line was extended from Blaydon to Redheugh in 1837 and reached Newcastle via Scotswood in 1839, after which the Redheugh line was the branch.

The station was just east of the Redheugh Hall and the Redheugh Ferry over the River Tyne to Newcastle. To its west was the junction for the Tanfield Branch (Brandling Junction Railway), largely a mineral line but carrying passengers 1842-4. The site was on the western edge of Gateshead.

Francis Whishaw, writing in 1842, described the station thus:

At the Redheugh station there are four lines of way, running parallel to the River Tyne, with a quay extending the whole length. Two cranes are conveniently placed for loading and unloading vessels and the railway-wagons. There are two goods-sheds in a line with each other near to the edge of the quay; each shed will hold five wagons. Between the sheds, through which a single line runs, there is a turning platform, by which the loads are transferred onto the main line. There is also a weigh-bridge conveniently placed on the cross line between the sheds. The passenger-shed will hold six carriages on one line of way.

There is a shed for repairing two carriages at a time. The locomotive engine-shed will hold two engines and tenders on a single line of way : it is furnished with a race or pit. There is a small office constructed of wood at this station.

To the station's south a Brandling Junction Railway incline ran from west of the station uphill to the east to meet the mainline of the Brandling Junction Railway.

The Carlisle & Brandling Junction Hotel is marked on the 1862 Ordnance Survey by the station.

The station closed in 1850, with the exception of Swalwell colliery passengers trains and closed to those in 1853, the site being given over to goods. In 1871 Thomas Bouch's Redheugh Bridge was built over the west end of the station crossing the Tyne.

The line was extended east a little to a shipbreaking yard under the King Edward Bridge of 1906.

The site closed altogether in 1982.

The former railway is now a 'busway'. The station site is under the modern Redheugh Bridge.


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  /03/1837Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Blaydon to Redheugh, Gateshead opened and a ferry operates to Newcastle.


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