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Scotswood (1848-1967)

Opened on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway.

Opened on the Scotswood, Newburn and Wylam Railway.


This station is closed. It grew to be a large four platform junction station with two platforms on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway's 1839 approach to Newcastle from Blaydon (Scotswood first appears in timetables around 1848) and two further platforms opened to the north on the Scotswood, Newburn and Wylam Railway in 1875.

The junction between these lines was just to the east. The Blaydon route crossed the River Tyne by the Scotswood Viaduct south west of the station . The Wylam route entered Scotswood Tunnel just to the west.

The first station had two platforms, with the main building on the south side. It was just east of Scotswood House and the growing village. Scotswood Road was crossed by a skew arch bridge.

The second two platforms on the Wylam route were to the east of the originals. All four platforms now had buildings. A goods yard and shed opened to the west, between the station and tunnel, on the south side of the Wylam route and approached from the east.

The line east was double and then quadrupled as far as Elswick. The Scotswood Works developed next to the river, served by a yard and sidings east of the station, south of the line.

Station entirely closed in 1967. Most stations on the Wylam route closed 1958, Wylam itself in 1968 with the Wylam Junction to Newburn (excluded) section. After station closure the line east reduced to two tracks and the goods yard was removed. After 1968 the Wylam route reduced to a single line which remained to serve Stella North Power Station and Ever Ready battery factory.

Scotswood Viaduct closed 1982. West to Newburn, the stub of the Wylam route, serving the Ever Ready battery factory, was last used in 1986 with the line lifted in 1992 when the factory closed.

All the routes are footpaths now, but sadly the viaduct (which still stands) does not carry a path.


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