Grangemouth No 4 Signal Box (West Cut)

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Grangemouth No 4 Signal Box (West Cut) (1906-1985)

Opened on the Grangemouth Harbour Railways (Caledonian Railway).


This box was associated with the single track swing bridge over the West Cut, between Carron Dock (west) and Western Channel (east). Its purpose was to signal the bridge was in position, the box was not a block post.

The line crossing the bridge linked Grangemouth No 3 Signal Box to sidings, quayside lines and transit sheds on the north side of the Western Channel and Grange Dock. The lines continued a far as the Eastern Channel.

The box closed in 1985, or earlier. It still stands along with the swung open bridge.

Grangemouth No 5 Signal Box (East Cut) fulfilled a similar purpose at the east end of the Grange Dock.


Signal Box Swing Bridge