Granton Gasworks [Station]

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Granton Gasworks [Station] (1902-1942)

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Opened on the Edinburgh and Leith Gas Commissioners.


This was a private station serving the Granton Gasworks built for the Edinburgh and Leith Gas Commissioners.

The station was a terminus, approached from the south with a connection to the Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway). The large two storey station building and island platform remain intact. The east face of the platform was crossed by the station building, the openings for this have been bricked up. A long footbridge ran west from the building over the exchange sidings into the works. In addition to being a station building this was also the gasworks office with a clocking on point for arriving staff.

The Granton Gasworks were to the west of the station. These were served by a complex of sidings (see entry).

Several different opening and closing dates for the station are suggested. Opening is given in the range 1902 to 1904, closing anywhere between 1940 and 1942.


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