Gretna [NBR]

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Gretna [NBR] (1861-1915)

Opened on the Gretna Branch (North British Railway).

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This was the terminus of a single track line from Longtown Branch Junction. It was located to the immediate east of Gretna [CR] on the West Coast Main Line. The station is in Cumbria, England. It was about a mile east of Gretna itself.

The station consisted of a single platform station, with a loop, with the platform on the east side of the line and station building at the north end of the platform. To the west of this was the goods yard, a goods shed (later demolished) served by a loop. All sidings were approached from the south.

The goods yard of the Caledonian Railway station was immediately to the west of the North British Railway station, with the Caledonian's passenger station just beyond.

South of the NBR station the approach line reduced to a single track. On this was a signal box, on the west side of the line. South of this was a connection from the line to Longtown (at Gretna Junction [NB] ) to the south end of the CR station. This allowed interchange traffic, particularly with the Glasgow and South Western Railway's line to Dumfires which leaves the West Coast Main Line at Gretna Junction just over the River Sark Viaduct north of Gretna [CR] after the line enters Scotland.

The station closed to the public in 1915, during the Great War, when the area was given over to an extremely large government owned munitions factory, built to support the war effort. The approach line became an integral part of that works. The box closed in 1915.

It re-opened to public goods in 1923 before final closure in 1951. The WCML connection line remained open until 1960. Much of the approach line remains open as a curve was put in during 1915 between Mossband Junction and Gretna MOD Junction.

A new road embankment for the A6071 has cut through the site and farm buildings have been added but the station building is now a house ('Mill Hill') and the goods yard part of its garden.


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