Gretna MOD Junction

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Gretna MOD Junction (1915-1948)

Opened on the Gretna Branch (North British Railway).
Opened on the HM Factory Gretna Railway.
Opened on the Carlisle Marshalling Yard (British Railways).


(Name unconfirmed) This junction was immediately south of Gretna Junction [NBR] and opened when the military railway from Eastriggs though Gretna Township to Longtown opened in the Great War.

The junction allowed a train from Longtown to run west to Eastriggs.

Just to the west the line passed under the Caledonian Railway.

A curve opened in 1963 from Mossband Junction on the Caledonian Railway facing Carlisle which ran to this same point. This coincided with the opening of Carlisle Marshalling Yard (British Railways). This gave access to the new yard from the Waverley Route.

The location is no longer a junction, the line to the Gretna [NBR] terminus, Gretna [CR] connection and line west to Eastriggs having all closed. The railway serving remains open.


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