Hamilton Central

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Hamilton Central (1876-)

Station code: HNC National Rail ScotRail
Where: South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Opened on the Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway).
Open on the Glasgow to Larkhall.
Open on the Hamilton Circle.


This is a two platform station with nearby parking and a bus interchange.

This station formerly had four lines, two serving platforms with the other two being centre roads - dating from the 1905/06 reconstruction of the station. There was an overall roof structure, the platforms being covered and lines uncovered.

The centre two lines were lifted in the 1950s. In the 1970s the roof was entirely removed and the eastbound platform and line were moved south, closing the gap between the eastbound and westbound lines. A booking office and waiting room was built on the eastbound platform and a street level building was left to the south on Kemp Street, now given over to other uses. This building is similar to other entrance built by the Caledonian Railway in the early 1900s. It features a tablet with '1906' and 'Caledonian Railway' in large relief letters along the length of the frontage.

There was a goods yard to the north, approached from the west. The site is now a car park and bus station.

The western approach was controlled by Hamilton Central No 1 signal box, lines fanning out eastwards (from north to south) to the goods yard, station and Hamilton Gas Works. The box was replaced in 1905 when the replacement moved westwards to allow for the gas works line and a more generous layout. The box was on the south side of the line where the line changed form quadruple to double doing west.

No 2 box was at the east end, north side of the line where the quadruple track dropped to a double track going eastwards.

The No 2 box closed in 1965 and No1 box became simply Hamilton Central. The latter was replaced by the Motherwell Signalling Centre in 1973.

Today the line east to Haughhead Junction is a single track. There is a sand drag immediately east of the station off the eastbound line just before the line drops to a single track.

The line is promoted and supported by the Rail 74 Community Rail Partnership .


Station bus station


02/10/1876Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway)
Hamilton West to Ferniegair opened to passengers. Station opened at Hamilton Central. Hamilton becomes Hamilton West. (Alternative date 14/07/1876 - although unclear, this may be the Haughead to Ross Jncts curve.)
28/04/1903Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway)
Improvements to Hamilton Central agreed with town council.
  /  /1904Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway)
Authorisation to improve Hamilton Central.
  /  /1962Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway)
The two central roads (bypassing the platforms) removed from Hamilton Central.
  /05/1974Lesmahagow Railway Hamilton to Ferniegair (Caledonian Railway) Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway)
The Hamilton Circle is electrified from Motherwell to Newton. Hamilton Central is rebuilt with the buildings replaced and eastbound platform moved closer to the northbound platform.