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Harker (1861-1929)
Harker (1936-1941)
Harker (1943-1969)

Opened on the Border Union Railway (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station. There was a goods yard to the north, on the east side of the line. The main station building was on the southbound platform.

The original platforms were rather short, but not untypical length for the time. The southbound platform was constrained between the road overbridge to the south of the station and the turn out for the goods yard.

The original goods yard had a loop from the southbound line and a siding running north from the south end of the loop a little distance from the line. Later the loop's northern connection was taken out and the siding created looped with the existing siding lifted. A signal box was opened at the turn out point, just north of the southbound platform.

The platforms were relocated to the south of the road over bridge, built to a more conventional length (at an intermediate stage both old and new platforms existed).

Harker box was closed and a new one opened on the west side opposite the older site in 1938.

The box closed in 1966.

The line here survived closure of the Waverley Route in 1969 for a short time, closing in 1970.

Just to the south the M74 was intentionally built flat across the railway without any accommodation for its reinstatement. This forgot, of course, that a route from Gretna to Longtown could be used.

Today the station building and signal box survive. The only other intact box is at Shankend.



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29/10/1861Border Union Railway (North British Railway)
Opened from Canal Junction [Carlisle] to Scotch Dyke. Trains run from Carlisle Citadel. Stations opened at Harker, West Linton [Cumbria], Longtown, Scotch Dyke. North British Railway trains use Carlisle Citadel for the first time.


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