Heads of Ayr [1st)

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Heads of Ayr [1st) (1906-1930)

Opened on the Maidens and Dunure Light Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway).

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This station opened as a single platform station. The station was named for the Heads of Ayr, a prominent headland to the north. The platform was on the south side of the single track railway. The station building, typical of the line, had a platform side canopy.

There was a goods yard to the south, approached from the east, with a small loop within the yard. The signal box was at the east end of the platform.

A passing loop was opened in 1914. The platform was converted into and island and a new line laid to the south of the station building. The signal box was replaced.

The station closed to passengers, along with all other station with the exception of Turnberry, in 1930.

In 1936 the box was replaced with a ground frame. The original platform line (the eastbound after conversion to an island) was lifted, the newer track being retained.

A new Heads of Ayr ]2nd] station opened to the east in 1947 to serve the new Butlins Holiday Camp.

The line from Heads of Ayr [2nd] to Grangestone Siding (Girvan) closed in 1955 (both locations excluded).

The site is now a caravan park.


Heads of Ayr Caravan Park



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