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Irongray (1905-1943)

Opened on the Cairn Valley Light Railway (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was a single platform station with a passing loop. There was a level crossing at the Dumfries, east, end of the station and the platform was on the north side of the line. The building was typical of the line.

There was a goods yard at the west end, north side of the line, and the signal box was at the west end of the platform. The box became a ground frame in 1936.

The station closed to passengers in 1943. The loop was taken out before closure. Complete closure was in 1949.

A railway cottage remains to the east. The platform site is still intact and two houses have been built in the former goods yard.

Irongray Bridge over the Cluden Water, was to the south. Irongray Church and Manse were on the south side of the watercourse.