Kinleith Siding

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Kinleith Siding (1875-1967)


These sidings were put in for Kinleith Mill was between Currie [2nd] (to the west) and Juniper Green (to the east). The sidings were on the north side of the line and approached from the east. Opposite the turnout was a signal box, opened with the line. The box was only staffed when a train was due at the mill. (The box closed in 1889, replaced by a ground frame.)

From 1901 this paper works had an electric locomotive.

The paper mill closed in 1966 and so major was the loss of traffic that the Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway) closed in 1967.

The trackbed is now a footpath. Rails remain embedded in the hard standing of the mill site.


Siding signal box footpath