Kirtlebridge Brick Works Signal Box

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Kirtlebridge Brick Works Signal Box (-1880)


This signal box was south of Kirtlebridge station at the very start of the Solway Junction Railway where the line dropped to a single track. A siding ran parallel on the east side of the line as far south as the Bonshaw Tile Works.

The was phased out along with the north and south boxes at the station in 1880 when a new Kirtlebridge Junction box opened.

The branch closed to passengers in 1931 and goods in 1939.

To the south Mossfoot Ammunition Depot (MOD) was developed to the south for a nearby airfield during the Second World War. This was served by standard gauge sidings. RAF Annan was to the east. This portion of the line survived until the 1960s. By closure a number of banks had been erected at regular intervals between the junction and the site of Corsehill Quarry.

The location has been cleared and is now a field. The M74 crosses the solum of the branch just to the north.


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