Morningside [CR]

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Morningside [CR] (1867-1917)
Morningside [CR] (1919-1930)

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Opened on the Wishaw and Coltness Railway.


This station was on the west side of Morningside Road. It was effectively a terminus although a bridge over the road connected the line to the North British Railway^s Morningside [NBR] station on the east side of the road. The station probably opened in connection with the new line to Newmains opened in 1864, passengers 1867.

The station was built on the site of a former curve which ran north to serve the Allanton Brick and Tile Works. The curve was relocated to the west to make space, or ease the curve.

The station had a single platform, on the west side of the line, the platform line terminating, a through line and a two sidings and a turntable, all approached from the south. Behind the platform, to the west, was the re-aligned track north to the Allanton Brick and Tile Works. A siding from this may have been for a second face of the platform which may have been an island.

The station had a simple single storey stone building. This was similar to the buildings provided fot the stations on the Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway) station which, like this station, opened in 1867.

To the south was Morningside Junction, with the box on the east side, the junction between the original line from Garriongill Junction (1844) and a later line to Newmains and beyond (1864).

The station replaced the original Wishaw and Coltness Railway Morningside [1st] station.

It closed in 1930, along with stations on the Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway) route.

The line remained open until 1974, latterly for the Kingshill collieries.

Nothing now remains, the site has been landscaped, however the west abutment of the bridge over Morningside Road still stand.


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