Nobel Exchange Sidings

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Nobel Exchange Sidings (1887-2003)

Opened on the Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway.
Opened on the Ardeer (Misk) Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


There were two sets of exchange sidings near Ardeer alongside the mainline. Those more distant to the mainline were fenced and associated with the Nylon plant. Access to the sidings was by reversal via a loop on the down line, terminating at the west end close to Stevenston station.

As a connection from the L&A to the Misk Colliery Branch was put in during WW2 this was retained until the 1960s, long after the Stevenston Moorpark to Kilwinning East section officially closed.

As the Ardeer (Misk) Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway) latterly had no loop at the terminus trains were marshalled such that the trains were propelled into the branch.

There were various flows to the site.

It was served with oil from both Grangemouth and Bowling for Ardeer Power Station (this traffic was coal until the power station was converted to burn oil).

Pair of 20s propel trip from Falkland Yard off the Ardeer (Misk) branch in 1985. Tanks visible in fenced exchange sidings.

26 reversing on Misk TTA caustic soda liquor from Falkland Yard in Dec 1987.

June 1988 Caustic soda from Runcorn to Stevenston.

August 1988 trips R02 and R05 scheduled to visit Stevenston and Snodgrass as required, out from Falkland. Both considered ICI.




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