Stevenston Moorpark

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Stevenston [Moorpark] (1888-1924)
Stevenston Moorpark (1924-1932)

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Opened on the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.


This was a two platform station to the west of New Street which was crossed by a bridge. The main station building was on the eastbound platform.

It had a goods yard, with shed, at the west end, on the south side of the line and approached from the west. The station's signal box was on the north side of the line at the west end, opposite the goods yard connection. It opened with the line and station in 1888.

To the east a siding ran into the Ardeer Foundry and Stevenston Iron Works (the latter was to be subsumed by the former).

The station closed to local passenger trains in 1932 but boat trains continued. The buildings were removed.

The signal box closed in 1946, replaced with a ground frame. This was part of wider resignalling - the line east of the station was realigned to reach the junction at Stevenston No 1 Signal Box [2nd] in 1947.

The frame was removed by the mid 1960s.

The railway closed in 1968, the line between Ardrossan North (excluded) andStevenston No 1 Signal Box closing.

Nothing remains of the station and the site has been built over.




04/07/1932Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Ardrossan North to Uplawmoor [1st] closed to passengers, (except boat train specials). Stevenston Moorpark and Saltcoats North closed.
27/01/1947Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Kilwinning East to Stevenston Moorpark closed. Boat trains diverted to the former Glasgow and South Western Railway route from 16 June.


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