Irvine Bank Street

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Irvine [CR] (1890-1924)
Irvine Bank Street (1924-1930)

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Opened on the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.


This was a single platform terminus. It was the terminus of the Caledonian Railway's Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway line south from Kilwinning East which potentially could be have been extended south to Ayr. The terminus was located on the east side of the town centre.

An existing block of two houses (nos 43 and 45 Bank Street) was taken over for the station. An alley ran down either side of this, the west side gave access to the goods yard and the east to the passenger station.

The passenger platform was on the east side of the line which finished with a loop. The platform was canopied, extending out from the rear of the former house, where there was a glass roof covered circulating area. Opposite the platform was a very short dock, sufficient for one van.

Little provision was made for the extension of the line south to Ayr, the line met Bank Street on the level. Had the line been continued south the platform would have been on the southbound line. Going north from the terminus the northbound line was never to Kilwinning East, although earthworks had been prepared for it.

The goods yard was to the north of the passenger station and on the west side. It was equipped with a loading bank and goods shed. At the north end was a siding for the Caledonian Forge.

Further north again, north of the Quarry Lane overbridge, was the single road locomotive shed (Irvine Shed) and turntable, both located on the west side. Opposite, on the east side of the line, was the signal box. This opened with the line. Just to the north the line dropped to a single track.

The box closed in 1922. The station closed to passengers in 1930. The line closed altogether in 1939.

The goods yard site and its platform were obliterated by industrial use after closure. The houses still stand on Bank Street.


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  /  /1924Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Bogside [CR] renamed Bogside Moor Halt. Irvine [CR] renamed Irvine Bank Street. Stevenston [Moorpark] renamed Stevenston Moorpark. Saltcoats [CR] renamed Saltcoats North. Ardrossan Town [CR] renamed Ardrossan North. Ardrossan [Montgomerie] Pier renamed Ardrossan Montgomerie Pier. Kilwinning [CR] renamed Kilwinning East. Kilbirnie [CR] renamed Kilbirnie South. Lugton [CR] renamed Lugton High. Neilston renamed Neilston High.
28/07/1930Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Irvine Bank Street to Kilwinning East (excluded) closed to passengers. Bogside Moor Halt and Irvine Bank Street closed.
01/06/1939Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Irvine Bank Street to Eglinton Slag Processing (excluded) closed to freight.


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