Lugton High

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Lugton [CR] (1903-1924)
Lugton High (1924-1932)

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Opened on the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.


This was a two platform station. It was to the south of Lugton station (which was on the Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway).

The main station building was on the northbound platform. There was a goods yard to the south of the station, on the east side of the line and approached from the south. This had loading banks and a goods shed.

The station's signal box was on the west side of the line opposite the goods yard where the sidings connected to the main line. The box opened with the line.

Just to the south of the station as the line turned west for Giffen it passed over the Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway without making a connection (a connection was provided at Lugton East Junction just to the north of the station).

The signal box was replaced with a ground frame in 1927. The station closed to regular passenger services in 1932.

When the line to Giffen Junction closed in 1950 the portion from Lugton East Junction to the goods yard was retained.

Lugton East Junction box closed in 1953 and the line north closed in 1964.

The passenger station site became a small industrial unit after closure of the railway. The goods yard site is in a field.

The passenger station site was cleared in 2017, making the edges of the platforms partly visible.

To the north was Lugton East Junction and the line continued towards Glasgow to Uplawmoor [1st] station. Towards Ardrossan the next station was Giffen.



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  /  /1924Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Bogside [CR] renamed Bogside Moor Halt. Irvine [CR] renamed Irvine Bank Street. Stevenston [Moorpark] renamed Stevenston Moorpark. Saltcoats [CR] renamed Saltcoats North. Ardrossan Town [CR] renamed Ardrossan North. Ardrossan [Montgomerie] Pier renamed Ardrossan Montgomerie Pier. Kilwinning [CR] renamed Kilwinning East. Kilbirnie [CR] renamed Kilbirnie South. Lugton [CR] renamed Lugton High. Neilston renamed Neilston High.
04/07/1932Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway
Ardrossan North to Uplawmoor [1st] (excluded) closed to passengers, (except boat train specials). Lugton High, Giffen, Auchenmade, Kilwinning East, Stevenston Moorpark, Saltcoats North, Ardrossan North closed.


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