Risping Cleuch Viaduct

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Risping Cleuch Viaduct (1901-1939)

Opened on the Leadhills and Wanlockhead Light Railway.


This viaduct (also known as Risping Cleugh Viaduct) was built in 1891 by Sir Robert McAlpine & Co. It was an eight arch single track viaduct on a curve. The bridge was clad with terracotta bricks to improve its appearance.

The line opened in 1901 and remained open until 1939.

The viaduct remained standing until 1991 when, due to some of the brick cladding falling off, the bridge was demolished with explosives.

Some of the terracotta bricks have been used for the cladding of the signal box at Leadhills station.

The trackbed is a pleasant walking route and the removal of the viaduct does not stop the course of the line being followed.


Viaduct footpath 11/02/2020