Seafield Junction [CR]

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Seafield Junction [CR] (1903-1966)

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Opened on the Leith New Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This was the junction between the branch to Leith East Goods and the line on the Seafield Viaduct over Seafield Road to Seafield Yard [CR]. The lines ran west to Newhaven. Both lines were double track. Fillyside house was immediately to the west.

The embankment was unusually wide to the west of the junction, on the south side of the line. Left over from plans tor extension of the line?

In 1916 a new line approached the junction, one of the Lothian Lines (North British Railway) from Meadows Junction and Meadows Yard. This joined the line to Seafield Yard just south of the Seafield Viaduct at Seafield Road Junction but did not provide access to Leith East Goods. This allowed the NB to run into Seafield without having to cross the Marine Esplanade Level Crossing and gave access to the Seafield Shed [CR].

After the line west to Leith Walk West Goods was singled (the eastbound line was lifted), the line over the bridge to Seafield Yard remained double and the line to Leith East Goods singled (the westbound line lifted).

In 1966 British Railways laid a new connection. The line from Seafield Junction [CR] over the Seafield Viaduct to Seafield Yard was closed and Seafield Viaductt removed. To access Leith East Goods a new line was laid over the closed alignment to meet the Leith East Goods line. Between 1966 and 1968 trains for Leith Walk West Goods (now the end of the line) reversed at Leith East Goods. That line closed in 1968. The approach to Leith East Goods from Meadows Yard closed in 1973.

This location has been landscaped and is now a small park.



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