Shields Signal Box

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Shields Signal Box (1885-1934)

Opened on the Paisley Canal Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This signal box controlled the eastern approach to Shields station. The box was on the east side of the Shields Road bridge over the railway and located on the south side of the Paisley Canal line. It was on the bridge by which the Canal line crossed over the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway. (Shields Road passed over the Canal line at the same location that it passed over the General Terminus line).

To the east a siding was on the south side of the line, approached from the west.

Shields station closed in 1924 (just after creation of the LMS in 1923). With less need for Shields box it closed in 1934.

This part of the Canal line closed in 1966. The General Terminus remains open below, no longer serving the terminus itself.


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