Southfield No 15 Signal Box

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Southfield No 15 Signal Box (-1902)

Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.


This signal box was roughly half way between Southfield Junction and Blackwood [1st].

This was the site of the New Southfield Pit.

The signal box was on the west side of the main line, in the 'V' of the junction for the colliery siding, which was approached by reversal from Blackwood. After doubling of the line this was a trailing connection to the south west bound line. There was a trailing crossover in front of the box.

The box survived closure of the colliery. It closed in 1902.

A substantial lineside hut was built here after the line was singled in 1939, the hut being on the former northbound track site and a little to the north of the signal box.

The line closed in 1960.

The abandoned trackbed can be walked.



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