Southfield Junction

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Southfield Junction (1856-1953)

Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.


This junction was south of Tillietudlem station. It was the junction between the main line of the Lesmahagow Railway south to Lesmahagow [1st] and the branch south west to Blackwood [1st].

The line south opened in 1856. The Blackwood branch reached Southfield Old Pit in 1856 and was extended on to Blackwood [1st] in 1862.

A signal box opened in 1866, when passenger trains to both destinations began. The box was on the east side of the junction and south of the bridge which separated the station from the junction.

The junction is noteworthy for the use of slip coaches for the line to Blackwood [1st].

The line north was to be progressively doubled. To the south of the junction were:
- sidings
- a double track to Blackwood [1st]
- the single track line south to Lesmahagow [1st] which crossed the Nethan Viaduct
- and, off the the east, a mineral loop (see Fence Colliery Signal Box]

A signal box on the Blackwood [1st] branch closed in 1902, Southfield No 15 Signal Box. This box was roughly half way, splitting the branch.

The original lines was expanded with the opening of the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway) in 1905. These were the Caledonian^s attempt to improve the railways in the area with stations located actually in the villages served. It was a single track system. Blackwood [1st], a terminus, was replaced by Blackwood [2nd], a through station - lines meeting at Blackwood Junction.

The route to Blackwood Junction was singled in 1939. The line north to Merryton Junction was singled in 1940.

The original line^s passenger service was withdrawn in 1951.

The line south over the Nethan Viaduct closed completely in 1953.

The box closed in 1957. The railway closed south of Southfield Mine in 1959, the link across to Blackwood Junction being severed. The railway closed completely in 1960.

The site of the junction has returned to nature. Its formation can still be seen.




01/11/1864Lesmahagow Railway
Motherwell to Southfield Junction line doubling complete. (Alternative date 1866.) Doubling was undertaken in anticipation of increased traffic after opening to passengers.
01/12/1866Lesmahagow Railway
Passenger services start; a connecting bus runs between Hamilton and Ferniegair [1st] for route to Glasgow's South Side (passenger trains not allowed north of Ferniegair until improvements made including replacement of the Camps Viaduct). Trains runs south from Ferniegair [1st] to Lesmahagow [1st]. Blackwood [1st] slip carriage dropped at Southfield Junction and taken on separately. Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] branch opened to passengers.
01/10/1951Lesmahagow Railway
Blackwood (Blackwood Junction) to Tillietudlem (Southfield Junction) closed to passengers.
21/09/1953Lesmahagow Railway
Alton Heights (excluded) via Brocketsbrae to Southfield Junction (excluded) closed to freight.
04/01/1960Lesmahagow Railway
Blackwood Junction (excluded) to Southfield Junction to Dalserf Junction (excluded) closed to freight. Netherburn and Tillietudlem closed to goods.