Dalserf Junction

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Stonehouse Junction [Lanarkshire] (1862-1904)
Dalserf Junction (1904-1960)

Opened on the Coalburn Branch (Caledonian Railway).

Note: text in square brackets is added for clarity and was not part of the location's name.


This was the branch between the line to Lesmahagow [1st] and the branch to Stonehouse [Lanarkshire]. This junction was directly south of Dalserf station, to the extent that the station goods yard led off the Stonehouse branch. (Later modified to be accessible via a headshunt laid on the west side of the branch which started at the station.)

The Stonehouse branch was single track, the main line double. The signal box was on the east side of the junction.

Cornsilloch Colliery No 3 Pit was on the east side of the station, approached from the north end of the station. A long siding, running south from the junction and on the west side of the main line, served Ashgillhead Colliery.

The station was renamed from Ayr Road to Dalserf in 1903 and the signal box named changed from Stonehouse Junction to Dalserf Junction in 1904. The latter was probably to avoid confusion as the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonan Railway) were under construction with Stonehouse East Junction and Sontehouse West Junction about to open at Stonehouse in 1905.

The line to Stonehouse, now replaced by the new railway, was closed west of Canderside in 1935. The main line was singled in 1940.

The main line closed to passengers in 1951. From 1953 it only served the Blackwood Junction route. That closed in 1960 and Dalserf ceased to be a junction. The box closed in 1962.

The railway closed in 1964 from Canderside to Ferniegair Junction.

The formation can still be seen, more or less.