Bankfoot Light Railway


This line is closed.


  /  /1898Bankfoot Light Railway
Bankfoot Light Railway authorised.
05/03/1906Bankfoot Light Railway
Line opened to goods and minerals.
07/06/1906Bankfoot Light Railway
Line opened to passengers. Bankfoot Shed opened.
  /  /1913Bankfoot Light Railway Caledonian Railway
Bankfoot Light Railway absorbed by Caledonian Railway.
  /  /1920Bankfoot Light Railway
Bankfoot Shed falls out of use.
13/04/1931Bankfoot Light Railway
Bankfoot to Strathord closed to passengers.
  /  /1936Bankfoot Light Railway
Bankfoot Shed demolished.
07/09/1964Bankfoot Light Railway
Bankfoot to Strathord (excluded) closed to freight.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a two platform station originally. The main station building was on the northbound platform.

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Ex-Caledonian 4-4-0 54467 passing Strathord station on 6 April 1953 with a southbound train from Blair Atholl. (Strathord station had closed to ...
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 06/04/1953
Looking north at Strathord Junction in the summer of 1953. The Bankfoot branch turns off to the left, with Stanley Junction straight ahead on the main ...
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow 15/08/1953
Surviving platform building at Strathord in 1992, looking north. ...
Bill Roberton //1992
Last remaining building at Strathord in 1991. To the right were the two through platforms. This was the southern terminus of the Bankfoot light ...
Ewan Crawford //1991
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This was a one platform terminus. There was a timber station building and a goods shed. To the south was a locomotive shed.

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Share certificate - Bankfoot Light Railway - authorised 1898. ...
Ian Dinmore //1898
The former station building at Bankfoot, Perthshire, looking south from the village war memorial in December 1990. The former terminus of the ...
Ewan Crawford //1990
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