Cults and Pitlessie Lime Works Railway


This branch served a limeworks at Cults.


  /  /1876Cults and Pitlessie Lime Works Railway
Opened by the Earl of Glasgow (owner of all the property concerned). Private locomotives used.
  /  /1923Cults and Pitlessie Lime Works Railway
LNER Z4s occasionally worked line.
  /  /1947Cults and Pitlessie Lime Works Railway
Line closed. Signal box at Cults Siding probably closed.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Cults Siding to works

This siding, west of Springfield, gave access to the Cults and Pitlessie Lime Works Railway which ran south. A pair of sidings made a trailing connection to the southbound line, these sidings were a headshunt for the branch. There was a short loop on the branch close to the connection. A signal box as located on the north side of the main line.

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Bill Roberton //1992
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The view up towards the Cults lime works from the horseshoe curve. ...
William Neill 09/06/2016
This is the view of the horseshoe curve on the Limeworks Railway looking down towards the main line. The embankment seems to be constructed of crumbly ...
William Neill 09/06/2016
Cults Limestone Railway. The loading depot with the hoppers being filled from the chute above the pallet. There were a few limestone pits within easy ...
Brian Forbes /01/2007
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