High Speed 2


This new high speed line is intended to, in the first instance, run from London to Birmingham with connections to the existing railway system north of Birmingham to allow onward journeys. A provisional opening year is 2026.
High Speed 2

The proposed second phase would see extension to Manchester and Leeds.


  /  /2017High Speed 2
Construction begins.
25/01/2019High Speed 2
Remains of Matthew Flinders identified by archaeologists carrying out wok before construction of HS2. The site, St James' Gardens, were located on the west side of London Euston station, just over Cardington Street. The churchyard was encroached on by the enlargement of the west side of the station in 1887.
10/03/2020High Speed 2
Announcement of the uncovering of the remains of Birmingham L&B Roundhouse, part of the former Birmingham Curzon Street terminus, by archaeologists in advance of construction work on the site.