Moffat Railway


This line is closed.


  /  /1881Moffat Railway
Moffat Railway authorised. Agreement with Caledonian Railway.
  /  /1882Moffat Railway
Line leased to the Caledonian Railway. Deviation at Beattock authorised.
02/04/1883Moffat Railway
Moffat branch opened. (Alternative date 02/05/1883.)
  /  /1884Moffat Railway Caledonian Railway
Moffat Railway leased by the Caledonian Railway.
31/05/1889Moffat Railway Caledonian Railway
Moffat Railway vested in the Caledonian Railway. (Alternative date 1902.)
  /  /1902Moffat RailwayCaledonian Railway
Moffat Railway absorbed by Caledonian Railway.
06/12/1954Moffat Railway
Moffat to Beattock (excluded) closed to passengers.
06/04/1964Moffat Railway
Moffat branch closed.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Moffat Branch

This was a single track railway from a junction north of Beatock station to Moffat.

Beattock is a village but it had a fine station with superior buildings. This was a three platform station on the Glasgow-Carlisle main line. There were two main line platforms and a bay at the north end, on the east side, for the Moffat Railway. Going north from Beattock is the climb to Beattock Summit.

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A Voyager heads south shortly after passing through the remains of Beattock station on 27 March 2017. See image 58903 ...
John Furnevel 27/03/2017
92036 approaches Beattock on 27 May 2012 with the southbound Tesco container service from Mossend to Daventry. ...
John McIntyre 27/05/2012
GBRf 66733 'Cambridge PSB' is accelerated hard just after leaving Beattock station loop shortly after 16.00 on 13 June 2019. The train is the Mossend ...
David Pesterfield 13/06/2019
A Virgin Voyager, on 9M53 the 1000hrs Glasgow Central - Birmingham, passing Beattock on 6th November 2017.
David Prescott 06/11/2017
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This fine small terminus was at the north end of a short single track branch from Beattock. The line was just under two miles long and opened in 1883. Moffat had been bypassed by the Caledonian Railway when it opened to Beattock in 1847, extended north in 1848. This short branch added Moffat to the railway network.

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One of the few surviving physical reminders of the Moffat branch. The northern abutment of the bridge that once carried the line from Beattock over ...
John Furnevel 27/07/2016
Remains of the railway bridge that once carried the Moffat branch over the A701 on its one and a half mile journey from the junction with the WCML ...
John Furnevel 27/07/2016
Interesting garden ornament on display just off the Edinburgh Road in Moffat on 27 September (nowhere near the former railway). ...
John Furnevel 27/09/2008
A neglected looking BR Standard class 4 2-6-4T no 80118 is about to leave Moffat on 29 March 1964 and head back along the branch to Beattock with the ...
K A Gray 29/03/1964
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