Parkhead Forge


  /  /1837Reoch Brothers
Forging company established at the Parkhead Forge.
  /  /1841David Napier
Buys the Parkhead Forge.
  /  /1845William Rigby
Becomes manager at the Parkhead Forge.
  /  /1848Robert Napier
Buys the Parkhead Forge for his sons James R. Napier and John Napier.
  /  /1858Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Launches the SS Great Eastern at Millwall. The engine crank was manufacturer by the Parkhead Forge which was the only works capable of manufacturing such a large item. The forge would later belong to the Beardmores.
  /  /1859Robert Napier
Gains sole control of the Parkhead Forge from his sons.
  /  /1860William Rigby
Buys the Parkhead Forge.
17/08/1885The Switchback (Caledonian Railway)
London Road Junction [Glasgow] to Parkhead Forge opened.
  /  /1888Parkhead Forge
Coggin mill installed.
  /  /1892Parkhead Forge
Plate Mill installed.
  /  /1896Parkhead Forge
12,000 ton press installed.
  /  /1910Parkhead Forge
Installation begins of the world's largest plate rolling mill.
  /  /1913Parkhead Forge
Installation of plate rolling mill complete.
31/12/1975William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Ceases trading, Parkhead Forge controlled by Firth Brown.