Ardrossan Harbour Signal Box

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Ardrossan Harbour No 1 Signal Box (1896-1939)
Ardrossan Harbour Signal Box (1939-1989)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.


This signal box was located between Ardrossan Winton Pier and Ardrossan Town at Ardrossan Harbour Junction. It survived the closure of most of the signal boxes in Ayrshire, massive cut back in sidings it had controlled, and the electrification of the railway to Ardrossan Harbour.

The box was on the north side of the level crossing with Harbour Road in the harbour, and was on the west side of the line.

It opened as Ardrossan Harbour No 1 box, controlling the harbour station approach and the sidings running to Ardrossan Western Breakwater, the Old Dock, the station, the south side of Eglinton Dock and the connecting line to the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway at Ardrossan North.

The station signal box, No 2, closed in 1939 when taken over by No 1 box. Lines which ran from No 2 were modified to run back to No 1, now renamed 'Ardrossan Harbour'.

The box took over the nearby Princes Street Signal Box and level crossing (at Ardrossan Town) in 1974.

The box was reduced to a gate box in 1986 when the layout was cut back to a single track line from Holm Junction to the new Ardrossan Harbour station which replaced Ardrossan Winton Pier. The line was shortened, the new station being built on the approach to the station it replaced.

The box survived as a gatebox until 1989.


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