Auchinraith Junction [NBR]

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Auchinraith Junction [NBR]

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Opened on the Glasgow, Bothwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge Railway.


This junction on the North British Railway's Blantyre branch gave access to Auchinraith Colliery Pits Nos 1 and 2. To the east was Birdsfield Siding and the connection to the main NBR Hamilton branch at Blantyre Junction [NBR].

The junction was signalled. The box may have been called 'Auchenraith Branch Junction' (note different spelling). This box closed in 1925, the junction becoming an unsignalled siding. It likely closed in 1931 when Auchinraith Colliery Pits Nos 1 and 2 closed. The box was on the south side of the junction.

A loop was provided west of the junction to allow run-round of trains from the colliery to run east to Blantyre Junction [NBR].

The colliery was already served by the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway, the line from Auchinraith Junction curving east, north and then west to join the existing Caledonian Railway line.

Another Auchinraith Junction existed on the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway on a triangle of lines where the curves from Strathaven Junction and Blantyre Junction [CR] met.




Auchenraith Branch Junction [NBR]