Ayr Shed [1st]

Location type

Loco shed

Name and dates

Ayr Shed [1st] (1839-1879)

Note: text in square brackets is added for clarity and was not part of the location's name.

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.


This three road shed, approached from the north, was north of Ayr [1st] station. A siding was provided on either side of the shed. The building was 200ft long and 42 ft wide. It was located on the west side of the line north of Waggon Road (the Auchincruive Waggonway and road). Locomotives entered over the turntable. A coke shed was to the north.

A new shed, on the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway line, opened in 1879. The original shed remained in use for some time and still appeared, without turntable, showing on the 1914 OS map, and a siding remained here afterwards until closure of the approach to Ayr [1st] around 1980.

The site of the shed can still be identified, in other uses, and the trackbed north towards Falkland Yard is largely vacant and can be clearly seen. South to the station is more difficult to discern.


Shed Locomotive shed