Castlehill Iron Works

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Castlehill Iron Works (1838-1884)

Served by the Castlehill Branch (North British Railway).


This iron works was north west of Carluke and the Caledonian Railway's Carluke station. It was served by both a branch from the Caledonian Railway (opened 1869 closed 1949), Castlehill Branch (North British Railway) branch (opened 1886 closed 1949) from Castlehill Branch Junction on the former Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway and the work's own railway network to lime quarries and mines.

The North British's branch is often described as their Carluke branch, but its principal purpose was to serve this works (which closed just before the line opened) and it did not reach Carluke itself, instead it petered out at a goods yard to the north of the town, using the former iron works railway to reach the location close to Castlehill House.

The site of the iron works has been cleared, reused for industrial uses and is presently a bus depot and partly unused site.


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