Craigleith Junction

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Craigleith Junction (1879-1960)

Opened on the Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Barnton Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This double track junction was just north of Craigleith station, separated from it by the Queensferry Road overbridge. The existing signal box, dating from 1879 when the station opened, was used when the junction was created with the opening of the Barnton Branch (Caledonian Railway) in 1894. For this the box was renamed from Craigleith to Craigleith Junction.

The branch was approached from the Edinburgh Princes Street direction, from the south.

On the east side of the main line, the Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway) was a siding for the Craigleith Quarry, also approached from the south. This siding dated from the Granton line opening.

The Barnton line was closed to passengers and retained as a single line to Davidson^s Mains Goods in 1951.

The branch closed in 1960, box in 1961 and the line closed to passengers in 1962. It closed completely in 1967.

The location is now a footpath.


Junction footpath


01/06/1960Barnton Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Davidson^s Mains Goods to Craigleith Junction (excluded) closed to freight.