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Cromarty (1915-1915)

Opened on the Cromarty and Dingwall Light Railway.


This terminus station was partly built but never opened. The railway was to have been a light railway, built to low cost standards. The railway ran from a station in the south west of Cromarty by the United Free Church westwards. A line ran north from the station to Cromarty harbour. Cromarty was to have been the only station on the line with a loop.

Earthworks continued for 12 miles, two thirds of the route, and rails were laid for nearly 5. Construction began from Cromarty, not the planned junction at Conon Bridge.

A turntable was provided to the south of the proposed station.

The line was first mooted in 1896, received its Provisional Order in 1902 and construction began in February 1914 with an aim to complete by 1916. The Great War began in August and construction petered out. In 1917 the track was lifted for war use. It was never restored. After the war serious consideration of opening the line was made over several years, but the company was wound up in 1926.


Station terminus unopened never opened

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