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Crown Street (1844-1849)

Opened on the Maryport and Carlisle Railway.


A strange little terminus and branch, built 1844, giving the Maryport and Carlisle a terminus in Carlisle, not just the 1843 connection to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway. Approach from Maryport required a reversal on the Newcastle line. It replaced Water Lane.

It was to be crossed on the level in 1847 by the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway approach to Carlisle Citadel.

The station closed in 1849 but the southern portion, from the LC south to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, was retained to give the latter line access to Citadel.

The southern portion closed in 1862 when it was replaced by a new curve further east, owned by the North Eastern Railway, now the owners of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway.

The terminus was on the east side of Carlisle Citadel station, later absorbed as the station expanded.


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