Eddlewood Junction

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Eddlewood Junction (-1953)

Opened on the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway.


This was the junction for the Eddlewood Colliery and Neilsland Colliery. Both were on the east side of the line and the branch ran north from the junction to serve the collieries.

Eddlewood Junction Yard, a set of looped sidings, was laid out on the east side of the line between Eddlewood Junction and Meikle Earnock to the north.

The location had several signal boxes. The first was replaced in 1892 with a box on the west side of the line opposite the junction. There was a weighing machine on the east side at the exit from the colliery lines. Neilsland Colliery opened in 1895.

This box was replaced in 1907 with a third box a little to the south which was able to also replace Quarter Iron Works Junction box. This was on the west side of the line south of the Strathaven road (A723) over bridge.

Neilsland Colliery closed in 1932.

The box and line closed in 1953.

The bridge remains but the trackbed has been landscaped to the south.



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