Quarter Iron Works Junction

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Quarter Iron Works Junction (1860-1953)

Opened on the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway.


This junction was north of Quarter station and was the start of a branch to the Quarter Iron Works. The branch was approached from the north.

There was a loop on the east side of the line, which was doubled, from which the branch ran. The branch had a loop at the junction and a weighing machine.

There was a signal box on the west side of the junction.

The branch served several pits, all Quarter Collieries.

The Iron works opened in 1857 and closed in 1887. The box closed in 1907, taken over by a replacement to Eddlewood Junction Signal Box to the north. (At the same time another new box opened to the south, nearby, at Quarter Road.)

The line closed in 1953.

The trackbed can still be seen, now farmland.

There may have been a short lived Quarter Junction station here, around 1869.


Junction signal box weighs


Quarter Iron Works Box