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Quarter Road (1863-1909)
Quarter (1909-1945)

Opened on the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway.


This was a single platform station west of the village of Quarter. The platform was on the east (village) side of the single track line. There was a small goods yard on the east side, approached from the north. The signal box was at the south end of the station, west side of the line, just north of a level crossing.

Just to the north of the station was the end of the double track line to the north.

On the west side, just north of the station, was a siding to a quarry. A more important siding was on the east side, a reversing spur called Fairholm Siding, from which a mineral line ran east to several collieries including the Fairholm Colliery.

There was a signal box north of the station, at the end of the double track section and beside the sidings. The box was on the east side. This box opened in 1907 when the nearby Quarter Iron Works Junction box, to the north, closed.

The station closed to passengers in 1945, the box then being operated as required. The line closed altogether in 1953.

A railway cottage remains by the former station level crossing, on the station's west side. To the south are sleepered fences on the south side of the former level crossing.

As with many other locations on this line there has been considerable house building since the line closed. Today it could support a passenger service.




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